Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice

AGM Minutes of Meeting


Date: March10th, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

Location: Multicultural Helping House, 4804 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4H4



Members in attendance: Habiba Zaman, Tareq Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Kawsar Ara Hossain, Muhammad Morshed, Mahbubul Islam, Abdul Matin, Iqbal Bhuiyan, Mohammad Zaman, Rubayet Hasan, Anisur Rahman, Ali Ashraf, Abdul Ahad, Mustafa Alam, Harunur Rashid, Hafizur Jahangir, Shahneyaz Lina, Hasan Mamun, Saifur Rahman, Abdullah Mamun, and Shahana Akter Mahua.


23 of the 52 members in "good standing" attended the AGM. The by-laws require 30% of the members in good standing to constitute quorum for the meeting. The attendance was 42%.



Called to Order:  The 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was called to order by the Program Director at 5:20 pm. The motion to approve the AGM 2012 Agenda was moved by Dr. Ahad and seconded by Dr. Matin.


Program Director proposed that the Executive Director conducts the meeting; it was seconded by Mr. Tareq Islam.


The ED thanked everyone present at the AGM and member who could not participate at the meeting. The ED inquired whether any addition to be made to the AGM Agenda. One member suggested adding the email group distribution while another member suggested to add website modernization to the agenda.


The adoption of the 2012 AGM Agenda was moved by Dr. Matin and was seconded by Mr. Jahangir. The minutes of AGM 2011 dated January 29th 2012 was read by the ED. The adoption of the minutes was moved by Dr. Habiba Zaman and seconded by Dr. Bhuiyan. 


The ED mentioned that this was SBCJ’s 4thAGM. He read the Annual Report on behalf of the Executive Committee. The report included SBCJ’s activities and various EC committees reporting. It was also reported that SBCJ’s financial standing was not great as 9 out of 91 SBCJ members have not paid their Society dues.


The Annual Report included the following subject matters and themes:


·         Significance of AGM to share and communicate to general members of SBCJ’s activities for the year.

·         Need for innovative ideas and challenges on climate issue and climate justice.

·         Need for SBCJ’s website upgrade to provide valuable information to general members and other visitors to the site.

·         Progress were not made on various initiatives by SBCJ including Shabuj Shondha, Publication Committee works, Amendments of SBCJ By-law Committee works, Ethics Committee works, Community Outreach Awareness Development Program initiative, and Seminar Committee works.

·         SBCJ’s would unremittingly seek to improvements in many areas regardless of scarcity of resources.


In sum, the ED mentioned that SBCJ membership is growing and a membership list needs to be updated including paid and unpaid members. SBCJ also must make sure that funding constraints are addressed in the future.


Director Finance presented the SBCJ Annual Financial Report. The adoption of the report was seconded by Mr. Bhuiyan. One of the members present mentioned that the report was not done properly; however, he volunteered to provide his technical advice to the Director of Finance on how to prepare financial report in the future.


One of the Advisors mentioned that SBCJ should develop a long term action plan for their projects and execute accordingly. A member supported the notion and suggested that most of the SBCJ projects should be of 3 to 5 year timeframe. One EC member also mentioned that some of the projects could be phased in such a way that SBCJ could achieve some of the milestones annually and work towards completion of these projects. The ED mentioned that SBCJ should concentrate on one or two projects annually instead of numerous initiatives to complete various projects in one given year. Director – Program seconded the motion and the motion was carried.


Email protocol discussion was led by one of the members present. He requested for clarification regarding protocol for email distribution. ED mentioned that the Executive Committee will evaluate and develop a protocol and will advise members accordingly. Director – Research mentioned that only climate and environment related issues should be circulated among members along with SBCJ business.


Website modernization discussion was led by another EC member. He suggested that SBCJ website should be expanded and should be updated. Director-Research (who was formerly Director-Networking) mentioned that SBCJ have very little resources to manage the website and should consider putting more effort to expand the website activities including keeping it more current. This idea was well accepted by the members at the AGM. The ED mentioned that EC would discuss this issue further in a future meeting and will advise members accordingly.


One of the members present mentioned that the SBCJ Committee’s work for the year has various negative and positive attributes. He also raised the issue regarding ED’s absence affecting the SBCJ. He mentioned that as per the SBCJ Constitution, the ED should be a resident of Greater Vancouver. He further claimed that according to his understanding the ED is not a resident of Greater Vancouver due to his frequent trips abroad. The ED refuted the view taken by the member and said that his residency cannot be challenged in any way or form. Another member also joined the ED and mentioned that the discussion was irrelevant and unnecessary.


Another member alleged that the AGM did not follow the constitution in terms of notice for the AGM. The ED countered the fact that all necessary actions were taken to make sure AGM notice was given appropriately. Director-Research suggested that in absence of the ED SBCJ should consider appointing an Additional Executive Director. He gave an example that because ED was away for an extended period of time, the Shobuz Shondha could not be carried out as the ED was the Chair of the committee. Director-Program mentioned that there are provisions in the SBCJ Constitution for continue EC meeting without ED. The ED commented on the fact that his absence should not alter the course of SBCJ as all EC members have the same responsibility to carry out the tasks of the organization. The ED also stressed that SBCJ is a small volunteer organization and everyone has responsibility of prioritize their own life first such as employment and family before volunteer responsibilities. He also noted his overseas work is very demanding and requires often longer absence.


One member remarked that the absence of ED is affecting the output of the organization and an alternative should be considered seriously. Another member requested for a clarification if members of SBCJ were suggesting that the ED resign from his position. There was no response from the floor. One of the Advisors also wanted to resolve this apparent controversy. To substantiate the fact that there were no supports from SBCJ members for ED to resign from his position as ED, the said Advisor tabled a motion on the floor for ED’s resignation in order to see if any members would support this initiative. This motion did not get seconded and no members supported this initiative.


The meeting was adjourn at 7:35 pm. Moved by Dr. Ahad and seconded by Dr. Bhuiyan.



Draft minutes prepared by Mr. Tareq Islam with inputs from Dr. Mohammad Zaman.