Minutes of the Sub-Committee Meeting for Tipaimukh Dam Rally and


Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice (SBCJ)



Date of Meeting: June 21, 2009

Meeting place: 203-519, 12th Street New Westminster, BC

Meeting Time: 10:00am to 12:15pm

Name of attendees: Dr. Iqbal H. Bhuiyan, Mr. Hafizur Jahangir, Dr. Abdul Matin, Mr. Mizan Majumder and Mr. Tareq Islam and Dr. Khalilur Rabbani regrets due to his business


Discussion and Resolution:

The Chair of the two subcommittees Dr. Iqbal H. Bhuiyan welcomed all subcommittee members and initiated the meeting on the following two major agenda. He requested all members to give their views and suggestions on each agenda and the tasks to be done to make the two programs very successful. Every member gave their valuable opinions and decisions were taken unanimously.


Meeting agenda:

(1)   Demonstration rally against Tipaimukh Dam in India

(2)   Seminar on Global Warming and Climate Change impact on Bangladesh


1.      Demonstration rally against Tipaimukh Dam Construction: The Chair of this subcommittee Dr. Iqbal H. Bhuiyan initiated the discussion of the meeting and invited Mr. Mizan Majumder, co-chair of this committee, to present his view on Tipaimukh Dam since Mr. Majumder has been involved actively with the Tipaimukh Dam activities and gathering information from home and abroad and keeping the Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice (SBCJ) informed. The high lights of Mr. Majumder’s observation and discussion on Tipaimukh Dam from the very beginning up to date are as follows:

(a)    Opposition against Tipaimukh Dam has been started long time ago from the general people and environmental activists in Bangladesh;

(b)   Different organizations are working on global warming and climate change both in home (BAPA, BELA) and international (BEN, David Suzuki Foundation, Earthsave Canada, Greenpeace Canada, SPEC and Eco-trust Canada, PEMBINA Institute) should be involved in this demonstration rally activities; and

(c)    Organizing demonstration rally locally (Sylhet, Comilla and Noakhali) will be more effective for showdown against the Dam Construction.

Mr. Tareq Islam pointed out that we should focus activities of our organization (SBCJ) otherwise we will be out of track. Mr. Jahangir mentioned that we should try to influence Bangladesh Govt officials to be involved in these activities for the interest of the common people and legal action from Bangladesh Govt is very essential for this kind of issue. Dr. Matin said that we must organize a demonstration rally against Tipaimukh Dam in Vancouver as soon as possible to up bring our society activities to the community and globally. After a series of discussion, the following decisions were taken:

(a)    The demonstration rally will be held on August 24, 2009 from 2 to 5 pm;

(b)   People from Bangladesh community and other ethnic community will be gathering at Vancouver Art Gallery by 2pm and then the procession will march to the Indian High commission in Downtown Vancouver (Howe Street);

(c)    A letter of memorandum will be prepared by Mr. Majumder and will be finalized by EC of SBCJ. This letter of memorandum will be given to Indian High Commission;

(d)   All Bangaldeshi organizations including GVBCA, Probash Bangla, Engineers Association, Krishibid Association, Probeen Wellness Society, Bongobandhu parishad, Zia parishad, Bangladesh Students’ Association at UBC and other associations in Greater Vancouver will be involved in this demonstration rally;

(e)    Mr. Jahangir will contact Nepali community to inquire about the permission of this rally from Vancouver police authority and city office if required and Mr. Jahangir and Dr. Rabbani will take written permission from the authority;

(f)    A large banner of the rally will be prepared. Dr. Matin will find a suitable person to make this banner. Mr. Shakhawat’s name was proposed to write this banner by Dr. Matin;

(g)   Prepare handbill/leaflets/posters for the rally;

(h)   Rally day spokes man- Almas Zakiuddin and Mr. Mizan Majumder (Backup Dr. Iqbal);

(i)     Invitation letter to political leaders, city mayor, and all environmental organizations and Environmental Ministry (Dr. Iqbal, Dr. Matin, Mr. Tareq Islam and Mr. Majumder);

(j)     Engage students association of UBC and SFU in the rally (Dr. Iqbal);

(k)   Press release by Mr. Tareq Islam and publicity in CTV, Vancouver Sun, Radio etc.;

(l)     Sponsorship: Dr. Matin (Ruhul Zaman), Mr. Tareq Islam and Mr. Mizan Majumder and Mr. Jahangir.

(m) Budget: $ 500.00 (Banner, Hand bill, posters, T-Shirt, Water/Drinks);.

(n)   Invitation to all Bangladeshi community members through networking of GVBCA, Engineer’s association, Krishibid Association, Probeen Wellness Society, Muliticultural Helping House Society (MHHS) and in annual picnic of GVBCA on 12th July in Queens Borough Park.


2.      Seminar on Global Warming and Climate Change: The Chair of this subcommittee requested all members to give few names of the seminar. All members gave their name and after discussion a consensus on the name has been reached and the following title of the seminar was adopted unanimously, “Climate Change Impacts on Bangladesh - Global Responsibilities”.


The following decisions were made to organize a very successful seminar.

(a)    Seminar venue booking at UBC and car parking (Dr. Iqbal);

(b)   Date of seminar is 9th November from 3-7 pm.;

(c)    Registration subcommittee: Kawsar Ara Hossain, Tania Sharmin Dina and Dr. Rabbani;

(d)   Program drafting committee for seminar: Mr. Tareq and Mr. Jahangir (a guideline draft is attached);

(e)    Food committee: Dr. Matin, Dr. Iqbal and Dr. Shariful Alam Tulu (representative from GVBCA);

(f)    Registration kit: Name batch, folder, pen, note book, table flower, gift for chief guest (society crest);

(g)   Dr. David Suzuki will be honorable chief guest and keynote speaker of the seminar if he agrees;

(h)   Panelists will be invited from UBC, SFU, UVic, Seattle, Canada and others suitable organizations;

(i)     Dr. Iqbal and Mr. Majumder will present a Technical Paper on Climate Change impact on Bangladesh;

(j)     Dr. Zaman, ED will present an overview on the activities of the society and its objectives;

(k)   Dr. Tareq will invite the Minister of Environment for the seminar and rally.

(l)     Dr. Matin will invite Vancouver City Mayor, MP Peter Julian and Sam Sillivan of NPA.

(m) Asking UBC and SFU students for poster presentation (Dr. Iqbal) and volunteering in the seminar. Dr. Iqbal will prepare a volunteer list.

(n)   A list of rapporteurs will also be prepared by Dr. Iqbal and Dr. Matin for the seminar.


There was no more agenda for discussion and the Chair adjourned the meeting at 12:15pm with thanks to the host of this meeting for their entertainment.



Minutes Prepared by Dr Abdul Matin