Bangladesh Calling for Climate Justice

Executive Committee Meeting #1

Multicultural Helping House Society , 28 March 2009




1.         The first meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) was held on 28 March 2009 at the Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS). The meeting was chaired by the Executive Director Dr. Mohammad Zaman. Those attended the EC meeting include Director Program Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan, Director – Research Mr. Tareq Islam, Director –Networking Dr. Abdul Matin, Director- Administration Dr. Khalilur Rabbani, and EC Members Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Mr. Nazrul Islam, and Mrs. Kawsar Ara Hossain.  Advisor Mr. Muhammad Atiqullah also attended the meeting. Regrets were received from Director – Finance Mr. Mahbubul Islam, and Director – Community Liaisons Mrs. Khaleda Banu.




2.         The Chair welcomed all EC members attending the first meeting. The Chair alluded to the importance of the meeting, particularly on the Earth Day. The Chair then went through the agenda for the meeting, which included the following:


(i)                  Review of the scope of work and responsibilities of EC members

(ii)                Allocation of immediate work for setting up BCCJ – for example, registration, logo and website

(iii)               Subcommittee for Membership

(iv)              Subcommittee for developing a 3-Year Work Plan (by Year 1, 2 and 3)

(v)               Working Funds (for registration, website etc.)

(vi)              Others.


3.         No additional item was included in the agenda.





A. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 22 March/09


4.         At the start of the discussion, the Chair proposed that the minutes of the community meeting held on 22 March be approved by the EC (the minutes was e-mailed earlier to all EC members). Dr. Matin observed that the minutes were very comprehensive and recommended that the minutes be approved. EC Member Mr. Nazrul Islam seconded and the motion was carried.


B.  Scope of Work and Work Plan


5.         The Chair introduced a discussion on the scope of work and responsibilities of EC members. He underscored the importance of team work and team spirit in conducting all activities of BCCJ. This was followed by a fairly lengthy but useful discussion participated by Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan, Dr. Abdul Matin, Mr. Tareq Islam, Mr. Nazrul Islam, Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Dr. K. Rabbani and Advisor Mr. Atiqullah.


6.         Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan provided a brief overview of work plan for 2009, including having a seminar on climate change and it impacts on Bangladesh involving both local and international experts. He outlined the importance of the proposed seminar and the need to introduce BCCJ and its agenda to the local (for example, Suzuki Foundation and others), national (including CIDA) and international agencies (for example, ADB, World Bank) and experts. Mr. Tareq Islam, Dr. Abdul Matin, Dr. Rabbani, and Mr. Rafiqul Islam provided inputs to the discussion. Dr. Rabbani mentioned that the timeline for a seminar in summer seems too short. Others (Dr. Matin, Mr. Nazrul Islam, and Mr. Rafiqul Islam) felt that the planning process should start and the date for the seminar should be decided later, based on the scope and nature of the seminar.


7.         It was resolved that Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan will prepare within a week’s time a short (2-3 pages) proposal outlining the objectives, scope, resources required and a tentative structure of the program (including timeline) and will mail it to EC members for comments. Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan will seek help from Director - Research Mr. Tareq Islam and Director-Networking Dr. Abdul Matin.


C. Registration and Websites


8.         It was felt by all EC members that the work for registration and website should start immediately. The various tasks involved were highlighted by Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan, Dr. Abdul Matin, and Mr. Nazrul Islam.


9.         The Committee resolved that (i) Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan will look after all registration matters (assisted by Mr. Mahbubul Islam and Mr. Nazrul Islam), (ii) Dr. Abdul Matin will be responsible to set up the website with necessary resources and support. Director – Admn will be kept in the loop and provide assistance as needed. 


10.       Director-Networking Dr. Matin volunteered for making a design of BCCJ logo, which will reflect the objectives of BCCJ. A preliminary design will be shared soon with the EC.


D. Subcommittees for Membership and Work Plan


11.       EC members discussed the importance of forming subcommittees for membership and work plan for the next three years. It was resolved to form the Subcommittee for Membership with the following: Director – Admn Dr. K. Rabbani, Chair; Members: Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Abdul Matin, Mr. Mizan Majumder, Director-Liaisons Mrs. Khaleda Banu, and Mrs. Kawsar Ara Hossain. The Chair of the Subcommittee will take all necessary steps for meeting of the Subcommittee as soon as possible. The Chair will also print (or procure) all necessary forms, membership books etc. for book keeping purposes.  It was further resolved that each EC member will be responsible for five new membership as part of membership drive. 


12.       The Subcommittee for Work Plan was formed with the following: (i) Director – Program Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan, Chair; members: Director-Research Mr. Tareq Islam, Director – Networking Dr. Abdul Matin, and Mr. Azadur Rahman Khan.


E. Working Fund


13.       The Chair of the meeting pointed out the need to establish a working fund for BCCJ for carrying out day-to-day work and to get the organization running. Mr. Nazrul Islam suggested that all EC members pay in advance five years membership fees to establish immediately a working fund. The suggestion was very much welcomed by the EC members.


14.       Three EC members (Dr. Abdul Matin, Mr. Rafiqul Islam, and Mrs. Kawsar Hossain) and Advisor Mr. M. Atiqullah signed up for 2 years while Mr. Nazrul Islam paid for five years.  Executive Director Dr. Mohammad Zaman took Life Membership. Director-Research Mr. Tareq Islam expressed his desire to become a Life Member and will pay his membership fees in next EC meeting.  The rest of the EC member will soon become multi-year members.


15.       A total of $430 dollar was raised during the meeting. The cash/cheque was given to Director-Admn Dr. Rabbani to deliver to Director-Finance Mr. Mahbubul Islam. It was resolved that a joint account (personal) by ED Dr. Zaman and Director-Finance will be opened until registration is available to establish an account in the name of BCCJ.





16.       Mr. Rafiqul Islam and Mr. Nazrul Islam made some closing comments and expressed their enthusiasms about the work and finished with high hope that the EC will work hard to achieve the stated objectives of BCCJ. Advisor Mr. Atiqullah advised the Executive Director to contact the Director-Environment (Government of Bangladesh) during his visit to Dhaka in April/09.


17.       Executive Director Dr. Zaman and Direct–Networking Dr. Matin brought sweets and snacks for the meeting. The EC expressed thanks for their hospitality.


18.       The Chair thanked EC members for their inputs in the meeting. It was resolved that the next meeting would be held in June/09 where the EC expects update on the progress of work by various Directors/Subcommittees. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.