Minutes of Meeting_Executive committee, Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice

May 31st,  2009


1.         A meeting of the executive committee of the Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice (SBCJ) was held on May 31st, 2009 at the residence of Mr. Rafiqul Islam in Surrey.  The meeting was called to order at 10 : 30 am by Dr. Mohammad Zaman, Chair of the BSCJ. The following members attended the meeting:


1.      Dr. Mohammad Zaman, ED

2.      Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Member

3.      Mr. Mahbubul Islam, Director Finance 

4.      Dr. K. Rabbani Bhuiyan, Director Administration

5.      Dr. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan, P. Eng., Director Program

6.      Dr. Abdul Matin, Director Networking

7.      Tareq Islam, P.Eng. Director Research

8.      Mr. Hafizur Jahangir, Member

9.      Ms. Kawsar Ara Hossain, Member


2.         The agenda adopted for the meeting included the following:


i. Renaming our organization for registration purposes;

ii. Review of the program for Pahela Baishakh;

iii. Update on the proposals for (a) demonstration against Tipaimukh Dam in downtown Vancouver, and (b) seminar on climate change and its impact on Bangladesh;

iv. Update on website development and

v.  Membership and other organizational matters


I. Renaming our organization for registration purposes


3.         The chair thanked the members for attending the meeting. The chair mentioned that the name “Bangladeshi Society for Climate Justice” was picked by majority of the EC members, but upon the request of Mr. Mahbubul Islam the chair felt that it should be discussed in a meeting. The issue that Mr. Mahbubul Islam raised was that the name should be Bangladesh Society for Climate Justice. The chair gave his personal opinion at the beginning and requested Mr. Mahbubul Islam to give his opinion in front of the committee. Likewise the chair requested Dr. Iqbal, Dr. Matin, Mr. Tareq Islam, Mr. Hafijur Zahangir, Dr. Rabbani, and Mr. Rafiq Islam to give their opinion. It was also discussed if the selection could be made by voting. Mr. Tareq Islam expressed his opinion that the selection of the name of the organization would rather be finalized through consensus opinion. After another round of discussion Dr. Iqbal proposed that if the organization is named as “Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice” then the differences of opinion on using Bangladeshi vs. Bangladesh could be avoided. The proposal was accepted unanimously and the name of the organization has been finalized as “Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice”.


4.         The committee requested Dr. Iqbal to get approval of that name and proceed for the registration procedure. 



II. Review of the Program for Pahela Baishakh


5.         The Chair asked Dr. Rabbani and Dr. Iqbal to update on the program planned for Pahela Baisakh to be held on 7th June. Dr. Rabbani informed that he has two big posters, membership forms and leaflets that were prepared during membership drive conducted during the Independence Day cultural program organized by GVBCA. Dr. Iqbal added that he would also arrange some bangla version of the leaflet. He also mentioned that he would prepare a slide show on climate change, arrange four documentaries on climate change and Mr. Mizan Majumder will prepare a slide show on Tipaimukh Dam.


6.         Dr. Iqbal requested the present EC members to commit at least 1 hr to attend on the booth during Pahela Baishakh Program. The commitments are as follows:


Dr. Rabbani: 11:00 am –

Dr. Iqbal :  11:00 am- 1:30 am and 3:00 pm-until end of the program

Dr. Matin: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Dr. Zaman: 11:00 am-1:00 pm and 3:00 pm-until end of the program

Mr. Zahangir: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Mr. Mahbub: 11:00 am –until end of the program

Mr. Rafiq: 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Mr. Tareq: 5:00 pm-6:00 pm







III. Update on the proposals for (a) demonstration against Tipaimukh Dam in downtown Vancouver, and (b) seminar on climate change and its impact on Bangladesh;



7.         The chair discussed the Tipaimukh Dam issue and formed the following committee to organize a rally soon:


Dr. Iqbal  Bhuiyan –Chair

Mr. Mizan Majumder-Member

Dr. Khalilur Rabbani-Member

Dr. Abdul Matin-Member


8.         The chair requested Dr. Iqbal to give an update on the seminar. Dr. Iqbal mentioned that he has already started work on that and has already invited the resource personals around North America. Mr. Tareq mentioned that he also talked to the honorable Minister of Environment of BC and he has agreed to attend the seminar if time permits. The chair formed the following committee to organize the seminar and come up with a suitable venue and date for the seminar:


Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan –Chair

Dr. Abdul Matin-Member

Dr. K. Rabbani-Member

Mr. Tareq Islam-Member

Mr. Hafizur Jahangir-Member


v. Update on website development


Dr. Matin gave an update on the website development. Everyone appreciated his effort and time. He also mentioned that he will open a pay pall account for donation. Dr. Zaman committed to write the section ‘about us’, while Dr. Iqbal agreed to write on ‘green tips’ and ‘climate change’. Dr. Iqbal requested all the EC members to submit a short biography and a photograph for the website. He also requested to send a CV to him for future proposal submission.


v.                  Membership and other organizational matters


The chair stressed on increasing the member of the society. It was decided, upon dr. Iqbal’s proposal that every EC member will manage at least 5 members during the Pahela Baiskh Program. Dr. Zaman requested Dr. Iqbal to bring the list of the members already getting e-mails regularly so that we can contact with them with a request to be formal member


The committee thanked the host of the EC meeting Mr. Rafiqul Islam and Mrs. Buli Islam for their nice hospitality with many delicious items.


As there was no other issue for discussion, the meeting was concluded by the chair with vote of thanks to all members for their inputs to the process and outcome.¢


Prepared by Iqbal Bhuiyan

31st May 2009