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Climate Change Impacts and Urban Migration: Confronting the Looming Crisis - Mohammad Zaman, PhD
Urbanization, Traffic Jam, and Environment
Date: January 8, 2011

Venue: Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)
Mirpur Road, Sobhanbag, Dhaka

A Report on Ben-Bapa International Conference held in Dhaka, Jan 8, 2011
Welcome Speech by Dr. Iqbal Bhuiyan - Director Program
Session 1
The impact of climate change on groundwater hydrology and the hydrologic cycle of Bangladesh

Roger Beckie
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of British Columbia

Global warming and sea level rise: Public discourse vs. the science of climate change

Dr Harun Rashid - Emeritus Professor
Department of Geography and Earth Science
University of Wisconsin La Crosse, WI, USA

Controlling Methane Emissions from Landfills in the Developing Countries

Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng.
Sperling Hansen Associates

Global Warming and the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh

Vic Galay - water resource specialists
northwest hydraulic consultants

Session 2
Climate Justice - The Moral Imperative

William E. Rees, PhD, FRSC
UBC School of Community and Regional Planning

Climate and Development in Copenhagen

Prof. Milind Kandlikar
Liu Institute, UBC

Global and Domestic Responsibilities for Climate Change in Bangladesh

John Richards
Graduate Public Policy Program
Simon Fraser University

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