Engr. Hafizur Jahangir 

Bangladeshi Engineers & Applied Scientist of BC, CANADA
EC Member,
Society for Bangladesh Climate Justice, Vancouver,


It was my pleasure & honour to attend the BEN-BAPA conference at Dhaka held on Jan 08/11. It was possible due to my extended stay (originally I was scheduled to return on 28th Dec/2010) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Besides SBCJ's Open letter & Dr. Zaman's paper, I had special interest as 3 of my direct professors of BUET Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, Dr. Ain-un Nishat, Dr. Firoze Ahmed were special speaker/Chair of different sessions besides host of other scholarly persons. I utilised the opportunity of networking & highlighting SBCJ activities in Vancouver, Canada.
It was one day very compactly arranged conference. Besides inaugural, concluding & 2 plenary sessions, there were 9 expert sessions (morning & afternoon) ran simultaneously in different rooms with separate tropics (Attendance per person of max.2 such sessions - one each in the morning & afternoon was possible only). As Mr. Rabbani has pointed out in his report there was hurry feeling in every session due to time limitations (Introduction by Chair, Co-chair, Organizer, then 4 presentations followed by Q&A. Finally, closing remarks by Chair & Co-chair all in 90 minutes). We hope & can request through SBCJ so that future organisers allow more time for the important sessions to make it more fruitful. Nevertheless, it was a contemporary, diversified seminar with burning issues & organisers deserve real credit for accommodating so many presentations in one day with experts from home & abroad.

I will briefly mention some important information, discussions, suggestions, feelings, opinions, concern of different speakers in the room & corridor which I heard attending the conference:

I raised following discussion points/questions in sessions & with the different participants which attracted due attention from the audience:

Many speakers pointed out that there is no shortage of local expert knowledge for identification & solution thereof for our problem. Enough costly seminars in 5 star hotel with foreign paid consultants (unnecessary mostly), nice reports, enough shows, news paper articles, discussions has happened already. Our biggest problem is lack of   real intention & planed implementation, finishing within target time & budget. Need firm policy, vision & honest determination rising above pretty personal / party line. Time of blaming one another is over. Neither British nor Pakistan are ruling us any more. Seminar, writing nice reports, big talk time passed long ago-- this is the TIME TO ACT & GIVING SOME THINGS GOOD TO THE COUNTRY SELFLESSLY.

Declaration: The author attended the conference .The content and observation of this report reflects solely the writer’s opinion and perspective.